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A personal letter to you.

My name is Wade Lancaster. I know how daunting of a process finding the right health coverage can be for individuals, families, and small businesses. I help those who are self-employed or small business owners find the right healthcare plan for their needs. I am committed to treating every client as if they were my own family.


As a licensed health insurance advisor, my goal is to eliminate the confusion and uncertainty that many face when searching for healthcare. As healthcare costs are rising in our current economic conditions, the demand for products and services outside of government or major group plans has increased. These options can be dramatically over priced and inferior in benefit. Many of my clients are looking for affordable, but elite alternatives. I also assist employees who are currently covered under their spouse’s work-provided health plan. Often, those in this situation are overpaying or have trouble reaching their high deductible.


In today's healthcare market, the need to utilize a benefit consultant, like myself, has never been greater. I encourage you to take advantage of my health insurance expertise no matter your situation. My goal is to ensure each client is in the best situation possible. During a customized consultation, I work to understand your
individual situation. Then, I will explain your options for Health, Life, Dental, and Vision Coverage and ensure you fully
understand your options.


I look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

Wade T. Lancaster

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